Opposing School Cuts


Schools in Sutton Coldfield are set to lose £8.5m from their budgets.  We know that, to ensure every child gets the support they need, our education system must be properly funded.  The Liberal Democrats will protect school funding in real terms, from early years right through to college.  We oppose the government’s plans to invest money in new free schools and grammar schools while our existing schools, where the vast majority of our children are already being educated, are left short.

Our vision for education is about more than just passing exams.  We should give children confidence, creativity and practical skills too.  We are deeply concerned that children are increasingly missing out on subjects like art, music and sport.   

Fundamentally, we also know that we cannot deliver the best education for all when our teaching staff is demoralised and undervalued; so we are committed to working with teachers to tackle the workload and recruitment challenges they face.