Standing Up for the NHS

We know we need additional investment in health and care services as a matter of urgency.  The Liberal Democrats would plug funding gaps by putting 1p on income tax, as part of a five-point recovery plan for NHS and social care services.  The tax would raise an additional £146.8m for Birmingham, with £108m for the NHS and £38.8m for social care each year.

Right now, across Birmingham, we are seeing patients lying on trolleys in hospital corridors, urgent operations being cancelled and the elderly being denied the care they need.  The Liberal Democrats are prepared to be honest with people and say that, to secure the future of the NHS, we will all need to chip in a little more.  A penny in the pound would allow us to invest in improving local NHS services and ensure the elderly receive the care they deserve.  We cannot continue asking our hard-working doctors and nurses to deliver more and more, without giving them the resources to do so.